J. Kent Martin is passionate about his interests–design, family, friends, animals and advocacy. It’s no surprise that in his world they are all intimately related.

With over 20 years of experience in the home furnishings industry, J. Kent Martin has style, substance, talent and tenacity that can only come when pursuing your authentic passions. His love for all things design has been a constant inspiration and motivator, first as a young adult interested in interior design and furniture, then as furniture manufacturing representative and a home furnishings executive and today as a product designer and artist.  J.’s journey has been progressive and focused. His determination and entrepreneurial spirit have resulted in multiple design related companies, each focusing on meaningful design, living well and giving back.

Balancing trips to major US home furnishings markets and other design related travel throughout the world, J. continues to play hard and work harder, enjoying his role as ambassador for the design industry. J. and his company of creative companions, are based in Springfield MO.

After 20 years in the design industry, J. is a lifestyle influencer.

Never expecting to become a “change agent,” J. lives his life pursuing his passions, but has his finger on the design pulse of the public.

“We all want beautiful homes that reflect who we are and what we love. Our homes should protect us, nurture us and inspire us to be the best and happiest version of ourselves.”